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The practice of Software Architecture is critical to the successful deployment of modern software systems. ExperShare partners have substantial experience in the analysis, design, implementation, and deployment of complex software architectures. Our philosophy at Expershare is to leverage established styles and practices in software architecture that have proven successful over time. The body of practice that constitutes this service focuses on tried and true methods that provide traceability from requirements through deployment. On a continuous basis throughout the lifecycle, quality is assessed to verify compliance with predefined metrics. The approach provides an early warning system to prevent drift from the desired outcome of the system goals.


Our professional service offerings related to software architecture include:

  • Risk assessments related to architecture quality.

  • Independent Verification and Validation of architectural models in UML.

  • Architectural planning and process customization using the Unified Process.

  • Architectural analysis and design.

  • Mentoring architects in formal architectural methods.

  • Performance engineering of architecture models from designs through implementation.

ExperShare’s Performance Engineering and Management (PE/M) practice is a successful service offering (since 1993) that identifies and resolves performance issues in real time and business applications and infrastructures before they become time consuming and expensive business problems. Customers that value this service have had insurmountable problems that they failed to resolve, or customers who are developing new systems and need assurance that the system will meet (or surpass) throughput and response time requirements. Our goal is to ensure that software applications and their respective infrastructures are designed to meet performance requirements, and when in production; continue to do so. 

Primarily based on queuing theory, our service’s success relies on our ability to capture, analyze and report on statistics from five (5) metric groups; Resource Usage, Event Load/Usage, Event Throughput and Latency, Application Stability and Application Quality. Behind the scenes, our software is responsible for collecting, analyzing and reporting the key metrics that are responsible for providing ideal performance behavior. We call our software platform; The Performance Framework. Once installed, the Performance Framework becomes a necessary component in an application’s architecture and infrastructure, providing data collection and analysis continuity between development and production environments. In most cases we license our customers to use (and extend) it at no additional charge. 

Requirements Engineering is one of ExperShare’s core competencies, having successfully designed and implemented formal requirements engineering and management programs for many clients including Agilent Technologies, Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwab and Bank of America. Requirements Engineering is defined as a systematic and repeatable set of techniques to ensure that system requirements are complete, consistent and relevant.


Requirements Management refers to the techniques for organizing and managing requirements data, and also the process for establishing and maintaining agreements between stakeholders as requirements change. The importance of requirements in systems development has been affirmed through numerous case studies and surveys, and through decades of our own direct experience. Thus, we emphasize the criticality of this discipline by providing proven techniques and professional guidance to our clients in the application and adoption of Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management best practices.

Expershare has developed and deployed an integrated toolset that enables automated and continuous testing, which we call The Continuous Test Framework. We offer the Continuous Test Framework as a product/service solution to organizations that are looking to decrease the turnaround time of test/build cycles, and accelerating time-to-market. The Continuous Test Framework provides a very rapid and cost-effective means of addressing bottleneck issues in test and build process, and is a unique product/service offering only from Expershare. 

The Continuous Test Framework is a software framework enabling the continuous integration and testing of software components in both their developed and deployed environments. Changed components, their dependences, and dependent components are integrated and tested automatically and continuously in response to updates and configuration changes. Results are published in standardized reporting, messaging sent to responsible parties, and fault isolation/remedy actions are optionally taken.

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Our professional services are focused above all on pragmatics and cost efficiency

Our objective in every client engagement is to deliver value in measurable efficiency gains, quality improvement, and mitigation of risk.   Our real world expertise provides immediate insight for optimizing efficiencies, applying skills for both soft "people" and hard "technical" aspects.

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