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ExperShare professional practices are focused around three complimentary and critically important themes:
These practices are designed to deliver specific, high value applied expertise in modern software engineering disciplines.
In addition to our three key practice areas, ExperShare also maintains an up-to-date skills inventory in specific related services around component architectures, performance engineering, requirements management and continuous integration and test.  See our Services page for more information.

Project Control, Alignment and Clarity is focused on the "people" aspects that are fundamental to software engineering success:  team management & project control, alignment of stakeholder expectations, and clarity on objectives and deliverables. 

Business Intelligence and Analytics is focused on successful application of data analytics for driving decisions critical to the business, including deeper business intelligence insights through multi-dimensional KPIs. 

Technology Assessment and Viability is focused on saving time and budget on assessment of emerging technologies, through practical demonstration, POCs and ROI analysis of specific tools and technologies in the ever-changing technology landscape.  

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Project Control, Alignment and Clarity

Project Control, Alignment and Clarity

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